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Climate Change Hits Mountain: A Thakali Farmer’s Perspective from Nepal

This film captures a Thakali farmer’s ground realities and the concerning impact of climate change on his crops, livestock and ability to develop resilience in the face of multiple risks from policies, geographies and identity as an indigenous person.

The film was part of the monitoring visit of the project entitled “Building Resiliency of Indigenous Communities on Climate Change Adaptation.”

The compromised deal in the recent COP opened wider gates of death to the planet Earth and humans.

There will be no Climate Justice without strong language on human rights and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. Indigenous Peoples must be part of decision-making on the climate action plan and direct funding for IPs is needed.

The testimony of the Syang village leader stressed the need for a bottom-up approach, considering the needs of Indigenous Peoples who are on the frontline of climate change impact and its policy.