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Indigenous Voices in Asia – Network (IVAN)


Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) established IVAN in July 2013 to serve as a platform for promoting solidarity and cooperation among indigenous journalists, non-indigenous journalists and indigenous rights activists in advancing and defending media freedom, freedom of information, indigenous peoples’ rights and democracy in Asia. The network members include indigenous rights activists, indigenous media professionals and non-indigenous media professionals in Asia who support the aim of the network.

IVAN is thereby a loose network of indigenous and non-indigenous individuals committed to make indigenous peoples of Asia more visible and have a louder voice in all forms of media in advancing their rights, issues and aspirations. Membership is open to all those who are committed to the objectives and guiding principles of this network.

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    Objectives of the IVAN

    Objective 1

    To promote and defend the democratic rights of citizens to freedom of media and to have access to all forms of media.

    Objective 2

    To mobilize media through dissemination of relevant information on indigenous peoples in Asia using different forms of media towards generating better understanding and attention to indigenous peoples’ rights and issues.

    Objective 3

    To strengthen the capacities of indigenous peoples to effectively engage with media and to establish their own media.

    Objective 4

    To provide support to the media practitioners in relation to security and other concerns.