Asia Indigenous Observer: Love For Freedom [July]

It’s been a busy time at AIPP with us engaging at HLPF and the EMRIP sessions.

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), the Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) and Indigenous People Human Rights Defenders Network (IPHRD), Asia made a Joint Statement to the 14th session Regional meetings of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on the thematic issue of “How can the right to self-determination be realized for the Indigenous Peoples in Asia; assessing challenges and exploring enabling conditions.”

A Joint Statement to the EMRIP14: Item 3 – Draft Study and Advice on the Rights of the Indigenous Child under the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child was made by a young firebrand Cleopatra Tripura.
Secretary-General Gam A Shimray spoke at the Human Rights Council Roundtable Discussion on the Enhanced Participation calling upon to Member States particularly member states from Asia.

In the light of the alarming spate of human rights violations across Asia due to State repressions on Indigenous Peoples, AIPP Secretary General sent out a strong message of solidarity to the Lumad people of Andap Valley. AIPP has pledged to echo the voices from the ground in solidarity with the Lumad People defending their lands and territories in the face of increasing crackdowns on indigenous activists, allies, intellectuals, and dissenters opposing the destructive march of extractive industries on their ancestral lands.
Included is AIPP’s Ground Report on the escalation of attacks on indigenous activities and CSO since the massacre of nine indigenous Tumadok activists in December of last year but is allegedly escalating in the run-up to the President’s State of the Nation.

AIPP also has contributed to a global report on Leave No Women Behind (LNWB) which has been prepared as part of GCAP’s Faces of Inequality Campaign. It has highlighted the intersectionality of gender-identity of the indigenous communities, women from DWD communities, women with disability and the similar during and post- pandemic period.

To access the this month’s Asia Indigenous Observor please download from here

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