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RIGHTS! Updated training manual on the UNDRIP – Volume 2

This Training Manual is the second volume in the series of educational and training materials on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) produced by AIPP. Rights! Volume II is an update of Rights! Volume I. It hopes to facilitate the conduct of trainings on indigenous peoples’ rights at the grassroots level by giving necessary and updated information on the implementation or non-implementation of the UNDRIP at the international and national levels. It attempts to bring the developments in international and national mechanisms and processes to the level of the community. It shows that the advances made in the recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights in the UN system and other bodies are largely achieved through the active participation of indigenous representatives in these processes as part of the dynamic indigenous peoples’ movement around the world. For such active engagement, thorough knowledge of the UNDRIP and its concrete application in specific contexts is necessary.

Click here to download Manual.

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