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Indigenous Peoples’ Voices on Biodiversity: Ms. Sabba Rani Maharjan – Nepal

Ms. Sabba Rani Maharjan belongs to the Newa Indigenous Community from the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Ms. Sabba is a member of the Executive Council of the Asia Indigenous Youth Platform (AIYP).

She emphasizes that Indigenous Youth worldwide are taking responsibility as future community leaders. They are revitalizing Indigenous Knowledge, culture, and language, and safeguarding biodiversity.

In Nepal, Indigenous Youth are working together, both at national and local levels, leveraging the power of youth-led organizations. They are urging the implementation of COP15 decisions to protect biodiversity.

Ms. Sabba explains, “Our passion, creativity, and commitment ensure the continued strength and resilience of our Indigenous Communities. It cultivates self-esteem, empowerment, and a distinct identity.”

If you want to understand more about the leadership of Nepalese Indigenous Youth, their policy engagement, and the development of an educational curriculum focused on the mother tongue that incorporates indigenous histories and perspectives, we highly recommend watching this video.