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Indigenous Peoples’ Voices on Biodiversity: Dr. Prasert Trakansuphakok – Thailand

Rotational farming is a crucial source of livelihood and food security for millions of Indigenous Peoples living in South and Southeast Asia.
According to Dr. Prasert Trakansuphakok, the Executive Director of the Pgakenyaw Association for Sustainable Development (PASD), rotational farming is a sustainable land-use practice of Karen Indigenous Peoples. It is deeply rooted in their traditional knowledge, philosophy, and spirituality.

Having dedicated many years to advocating for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and documenting, supporting, and promoting rotational farming as the cultural heritage of the Karen communities, Dr. Prasert possesses extensive expertise in this field.

To gain a deeper understanding of how rotational farming not only ensures the food security and well-being of the Karen Indigenous Peoples but also preserves the health of lands, birds, wild animals, and ecosystems, we highly recommend watching this educational video.

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