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The HerStory series by AIPP is a testament to the commitment, celebrating the achievements and resilience of indigenous women across Asia. Through these narratives, we acknowledge the importance of amplifying Indigenous women’s voices and experiences, recognizing their pivotal role in driving progress towards Indigenous people’s rights.

HerStory 7 highlights the remarkable journeys of eleven indigenous women from seven diverse countries in Asia across three central themes: Indigenous Women Leadership, Indigenous Women and Climate Change, and Gender-Based Violence. Through these stories, we aim to showcase the accomplishments of Indigenous women who have traversed immense challenges in their lives, propelled forward by their unwavering conviction, dedication, and self-confidence. These women, from diverse backgrounds and facing unique challenges shaped by rural or urban settings, migration, and other factors, navigate a complex intersection of identities. Acknowledging these complexities is crucial for understanding their journeys and addressing their unique needs as we strive for gender equality and empowerment.

Together, let us continue to amplify the voices, honor the wisdom, and advocate for the rights of Indigenous women, standing in solidarity with them as they pave the way for a more just and equitable world.

Click here to download the full publication of HerStory7

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