HerStory 3

In 2013, AIPP published ‘HerStory of Empowerment, Leadership and Justice’, off the back of the Empowering Indigenous Women in Traditional Customary Institutions project. In 2014, we proudly produced a second book-length collection of personal essays and stories of Indigenous Women change makers across Asia. Now, once again in 2016, we are publishing HerStory 3, with the generous support of NORAD.

The following stories have been collected through the tireless dedication of our partners and friends from indigenous communities in Northeast India, Mainland India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Cambodia and the Philippines. Many of the forthcoming stories have been narrated in the storyteller’s indigenous language, translated into the national language, and then translated again into English. In order to protect the integrity of the stories and in respect for the authors, the majority of the text has been directly translated with minor technical editing. The stories have passed through many ears to end at this publication, and we applaud those women who have participated, for their bravery and commitment in sharing their stories.

This publication is a reflection of the hard work of everyone involved in the Indigenous Women’s movement in Asia. We hope that this collection of stories can be used to empower and promote the solidarity of all indigenous women.

Click here to download full publication.

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