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In December 2013, AIPP’s Indigenous Women Programme published “Her Story of Empowerment, Leadership and Justice”, made possible by the generous funding from the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women.

‘The indigenous women’s voices and “her stories”, as an integral part of the women’s movement and indigenous peoples’ movement, remain faint. This reflects the overall conditions of indigenous women as relatively more marginalized, discriminated against and dis-empowered at all levels. It also illustrates the urgent need to strengthen indigenous women’s organizations and institutions, as well as their leadership and effective participation, in all matters that concern them as women and as indigenous peoples.’ Joan Carling, Secretary General, AIPP.

Her Story of Empowerment, Leadership and Justice is a result of the tireless dedication of our partners from indigenous communities in the Philippines, Northeast India, Mainland India, and Nepal. This publication is a reflection of the hard work of everyone involved in the Empowering Indigenous Women in Traditional Customary Institutions project, especially the women in the communities we have been engaging with over the past three years. Here, 18 of these women have bravely shared their stories to empower and promote the solidarity of all indigenous women.

Click here to download full publication.

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