Yohanes Balubun: Message from an Indigenous Human Rights Defender from Indonesia

Name: Yohanes Balubun

Ethnicity: Ohoi El, Kei Kecil, Southeast Maluku, Indonesia

Yohanes Yohathan Balubun (YB) was an indigenous peoples’ human rights defender and a lawyer from Maluku who dedicated his entire life to the struggles of indigenous peoples in Maluku and beyond. He belongs to the Ohoi El community in Southeast Maluku and was born on 8 September 1975. He was murdered in April 2016, leaving his wife and two children, Vandhana (girl, 14) and Alfa (boy, 5), deeply saddened as their father, the one and only breadwinner, was gone. YB had been the chairperson of AMAN Maluku since it was established in 2009 and was part of many other human rights organisations and networks such as Baileo Maluku, HUMANUM and KontraS among others. YB was and is still a highly respected and inspiring human rights activist because of his commitment to indigenous peoples in Maluku, particularly to Paperu, Aru, Haruku, Tananahu, Nuaulu and many other indigenous communities in Indonesia.

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