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Voices of Indigenous Woman: Ms. Wanitchaya Kantayoung

Indigenous Women are the key practitioners, innovators, and holders of Indigenous Knowledge relating to their traditional livelihoods. They play a crucial role in preserving indigenous seeds, maintaining food security, and ensuring the well-being of community members. Indigenous Women are also the protagonists in ensuring the inter-generational transfer of knowledge and cultural values associated with seeds and food systems in the communities. Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples of Asia (IKPA), Indigenous Media Network in Thailand (IMN), and Indigenous Peoples Foundation for Education and Environment (IPF) have published a photobook “Indigenous Women: Ancestral Wisdom” featuring the story of Ms. Wanitchaya Kantayoung. Ms. Wanitchaya is the chair of Maehongsong Indigenous Women Network (MIWN) and a committee member of the Indigenous Women Network in Thailand (IWNT). Watch this video and understand her feedback to the photobook.