UNPFII17: Statement of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Caucus on Agenda Item 12: Future work of the Permanent Forum, including issues considered by the Economic and Social Council and emerging issues of the 17th UNPFII

17th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII17)

Agenda 12: Future work of the Permanent Forum, including issues considered by the Economic and Social Council and emerging issues:
Statement of Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, Tebtebba Foundation and Asia Indigenous Peoples Caucus

Presented by: Raju Bikram Chamling of Kirat Youth Society

We would like to mention our appreciation to the opportunity for region-specific dialogues at this 17th Session.

However, we wish to draw the attention of the members of UNPFII to increase its effectiveness through:

  • Sharing information, including its programme of work
  • Enabling inputs from indigenous peoples unable to physically participate in the UNPFII
  • Expanding mandate of UNPFII to have official dialogue with targeted Member-States
  • Conduct “official” dialogue with indigenous peoples per region, i.e. Asia Caucus to have an official dialogue with UNPFII members from Asia

Furthermore, with regards to the Green Climate Fund, we recommend to the UNPFII members to provide expert advise to the GCF through its Secretariat and its soon-to-be established Indigenous Peoples Advisory group on how the GCF IP Policy can be effectively operationalized.

Also, for IPBES, we enjoin the UNPFII to welcome the IPBES approach paper on Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) and the establishment for a participatory mechanism to engage indigenous peoples and local communities in their work programme.  And we urge all indigenous peoples to actively engage IPBES and contribute their knowledge.

Click here to download full statement.

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