Training for Indigenous Women Leaders on Decision-Making

A training for indigenous women leaders on decision-making, co-organised by Trinnamul Unnayan Sangstha, the Hill Tracts NGO Forum (HTNF) and Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) was held on August 5-9, 2005 in Ranggamati, Bangladesh. The effort was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), through the Regional Indigenous Peoples Programme (RIPP) in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was attended by four UNDP representatives along with some twenty-six women leaders from different communities or groups – Chakma, Marma, Pankua, Khiyang, Tangchangya, Tripura, Bawm, Chak, Mro, Khumi, Garo, Khashi and Orao – covering the districts of Rangamati, Kagrachari and Bandarban including those residing in the plains. The trainors composed of four local trainors and the members of the Gender Committee of AIPP.




The training is part of a 4-year programme (2005-2008) of AIPP aimed at providing an avenue for women to converse on underlying issues of gender relations in diverse indigenous societies. Specific topics dealt on trends in decision-making, access to inheritance, domestic violence, sexual harassment and women in development. Concluding discussions planned on steps towards strengthening links within one’s community, among each other and with other women leaders, at the national and regional scene.




A subsequent training is expected to be held in Sabah, Malaysia on December 2005 to be attended by one of the local women trainor of the recently concluded effort in Bangladesh.

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