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Tilting the Balance: Indigenous Women, Development and Access to Justice

Indigenous women face severe rights violations, because they are women as well as indigenous peoples. The reporting of massive violations of the collective rights of indigneous peoples especially to their land, territories and resources, do not normally account for the violence committed against indigenous women.

The very struggle of indigneous peoples to defend and assert their rights is also at the heart of indigenous women’s struggle. However, many indigenous women are not yet fully recognized and acknowledged as indispensable partners in advancing indigneous peoples’ movements. This includes women’s vital roles in promoting sustainable resource management and holistic community development.

This report on the Southeast Asia Consultation on Development, Access to Justice and the Human Rights of Indigenous women is intended as a material to be used by indigenous women, advocates, policy-makers and the public for the promotion, protection and respect of the rights of indigenous women facing violations of their rights due to state and corporate projects coming into their territories.

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