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The United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

In order to ensure the survival of viable indigenous communities, the natural environment and resource management practices on which they depend, indigenous communities not only need to strengthen their identity, self-confidence and knowledge, but also to acquire additional knowledge and skills to meet the challenges they are confronted with in their daily life.

The United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on 13th September 2007 enshrined articles to safeguard and ensure the Indigenous Peoples Rights to Life and Security; Culture, religion and language; Education and Employment; Political and Economic Rights; Lands, Territories and Resources; and Self-determination or governance. However, the Indigenous Peoples of Asia lacked behind in accessing to information and awareness of the Rights articulated in the Declaration. This poster responds to these needs providing information and raising awareness of the Declaration to the grass root level of the Indigenous peoples. The popularization of the UNDRIP to the local level by using visualized format such as charts will benefits the Indigenous Peoples by raising awareness that the United Nation has recognized the Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

Click here to download this poster.

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