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Thank you, Faculty of Law and Justice, University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Diplomacy Training Programme (DTP) for the recognition awarded to AIPP.


Dear friends at DTP,

It is an honour for AIPP to receive this recognition from Faculty of Law and Justice, University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Diplomacy Training Programme (DTP), an award winning independent Australian NGO committed to advancing human rights and empowering civil society in the Asia-Pacific region through quality education and training, skills development, and networking.

Although this recognition is specific to Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Climate Change, Human Rights and Business- Malaysia Programme, the partnership with DTP is an extensive and encompassing one.

Photo: JOAS

DTP and AIPP have developed and implemented capacity building of Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders (IPHRDs) and have collaborated on several advocacy initiatives at the UN and other platforms.

The Indigenous Peoples in Asia have tremendously benefitted from the training programmes of DTP and many are infact leaders of the Indigenous Peoples movements in the region today.

We celebrate our partnership with DTP as we move towards the strategic direction of strengthening Indigenous Peoples Organizations and Leadership in advocacy and negotiation for democratic pluralism and social equity and inclusion.

We are not only honored and humbled by this recognition awarded to AIPP, but our spirits are encouraged, renewed and inspired to continue our work for self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and democratization.


Gam A. Shimray
Secretary General
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact

Photo: JOAS

Click here to download the thank you note to the UNSW and DTP