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Sustainable Development Goals & Indigeneity: A Practical Guide for Indigenous Peoples (Version II)

There are constant debates on SDGs since its inception including its meaning, history as well as its implications in development theory and practice. Amongst them is the persistent lack of direct references to the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in many areas that are closely relevant to their issues. This has resulted in the rights of IPs including collective rights, cultural integrity and Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), as well as their holistic and self-determined development approaches not reflected in the SDGs among others. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that stakeholders from all walks of the societies at the national, regional and international levels including and especially the IPs request their rights and aspirations in all dimensions of sustainable development to be manifested in the agenda aligning with the UNDRIP, 2007 and ILOConvention 169.

The inclusion of IPs and the active engagement and contribution by the IPs in the 2030 SDGs agenda shall promote the recognition and protection of their rights, aspirations, and self-determined sustainable development. Equally, IPs are an indispensable component if SDGs were to be fully achieved. AIPP has played a significant role in this endeavour of building capacities of the IPsfor their effective, meaningful and sustainable engagement in the SDGs processes and mechanisms including research and documentation on SDGs related data for advocacy and awareness-raising among others.
This publication, a collaborative work of AIPP, 13 experts and our IPs, member/partner organizations, supplements the first version of the practical guide on SDGs 2030 with additional resource materials and more practical cases in connection to the IPs, particularly Indigenous Women in a simplified and reader-friendly version.

Click here to download and read the full English version

Click here to download and read the full Lao version

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