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Supporting Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders at Risk: The IPHRD FUND

This publication aims to share lessons from the experiences of supporting IPHRDs at risk and their communities in order to improve and enhance services to human rights defenders, educate support groups and the public on the situation of IPHRDs at risk, and generate further support for them. The IPHRD Network and AIPP have a continuing programme on supporting IPHRDs at risk and solicit the support of everyone.

This impact study is a component of the project-end evaluation of the EIDHR/2011/266456 Project on “Strengthening the Network of Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Asia” which was funded by the European Union’s European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights [EIDHR]. AIPP wishes to acknowledge the support of the EU/EIDHR in building the capacity of indigenous peoples human rights defenders (IPHRDs) to monitor, document and report on human rights violations happening in their communities.

The daunting task of building their communities’ capacity to know their rights and to claim these often puts IPHRDs. All too often, empowered indigenous communities defending and asserting their rights face further violations to their human rights. The support from the EIDHR for the IPHRD Fund made it possible for human rights work to be sustained in indigenous communities facing human rights challenges.

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