Submission of Shadow Report On ILO Convention No. 107 to the CEACR

Submission of Shadow Report On ILO Convention No. 107
(The situation of implementation in Bangladesh)
to the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR)
submitted by Jatiyo Shromik Jote

In collaboration with
Kapaeeng Foundation, Pahari Shromik Kalyan Forum and Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)

Bangladesh ratified ILO Convention 107, and its accompanying Recommendation 104 (which supplements with detailed guidelines the broad principles contained in Convention 107) in 1972, soon after it gained independence from Pakistan. The ILO Convention 107 was revised in 1989 and the more progressive Convention 169 was adopted. However, Bangladesh, along with seventeen countries remain a party to the earlier convention 107.

The Convention 107 covers a wide range of issues, including land, recruitment and conditions of employment, vocational training, handicrafts and rural industries, social security and health, administration, education and means of communication. Moreover, reflecting the ‘mainstream’ ideas of the time, the Convention sought to provide basic safeguard measures for indigenous and tribal populations.

The situation of implementation of the provisions of ILO Convention 107 in Bangladesh is far from satisfactory. The government did not take effective measures to address the vital issues enshrined in the convention. The overall situation of participatory governance, development and land rights in the plain land is very clearly indicative of the very little impact that the provisions of the Convention have had in influencing legal and administrative measures to protect the rights and welfare of the plains indigenous peoples. Moreover, there are no strong protective measures for the development of health and social security, culture and language rights etc.

According to the ILO constitution, only observations sent by trade unions or employers’ organizations can be considered by the CEACR, the body in the context of regular supervision of ILO Conventions. Therefore, Indigenous Peoples need to build an alliance with national organizations of workers to submit any report on ILO Convention 107. On behalf of indigenous peoples’ organizations, Kapaeeng Foundation is in communication with the Jatiyo Shromik Jote, one of the leading workers’ organizations at the national level to submit a shadow report on the implementation of ILO Convention 107 to the CEACR.

Click here to download the full shadow report

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