Strategy Workshop on ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism

Indigenous Peoples engagement to the Association of the South East Asia Nations (ASEAN)  
by Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)

The ASEAN Indigenous Peoples Strategy Workshop was held on 29-30 October 2008 in Bangkok. In order to engaged more effectively and in an organize fashion, it is deemed to formulate strategies and activities for awareness raising, networking, lobby and advocacy work in the ASEAN states in relation to promotion indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights. 
Therefore a strategy workshop is necessary to be involved on the ASEAN human rights mechanism processes as beginning, to draw up a clear position and program of action on the ASEAN in both at national and regional levels. In this workshop, it was discussed and agreed for working mechanism for cooperation and coordination on the implementation of the strategies and activities related to the ASEAN. 
Throughout this workshop, the objectives were;
1.     Formulated strategies and activities for lobby and advocacy to ASEAN members on IP rights and related mechanism; 
2.     Unity Declaration/ Resolution of Asia indigenous peoples on the ASEAN Human Rights Body and other agreements for submission to ASEAN officials and others;
3.     Working mechanism of Asia IPs for cooperation and implementation of the strategies and activities related to the ASEAN; 

Base on the 15 Elements ToR of the ASEAN Human Rights Body, the workshop comes out with a proposal to submission from indigenous peoples. The full text of the proposal is herewith linked; 

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