[Sign On] Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

The Global Call to Action (GCA) is a worldwide alliance campaign, its goal is to ‘double the area of land recognized as owned or controlled by indigenous peoples and local communities by 2020’.

The Call is conceived as a response to the vast amount of communities and indigenous peoples – 1.5 billion globally – whose lands are being contested. This has significant social and economic repercussions, poses additional challenges to climate change, and threatens the livelihoods and basic human dignity of some of the poorest men and women in the world.

As part of a global alliance uniting behind this goal, we can add value to efforts of existing organisations and movements at national level in a range of ways.

The GCA is designed to give a boost to groups and organisations that are fighting for community land rights, amplifying their voice internationally, providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration, technical tools, and enabling mobilisation and coordination of activities.

The GCA is guided by a set of clearly defined policy asks to a variety of audiences, and a Steering Group comprising land rights leaders and organisations, as well as world experts on the issue.

For more information on all aspects of the GCA, read a one-pager on the GCA available here  and Policy Asks of the GCA from here (also available in Spanish and French). Or go to the GCA website http://landrightsnow.org.

Help us promote the Global Call to Action!

The Global Call to Action will officially start in early 2016, with the launch of a report. Our pre-launch strategy is to involve a critical mass of communities, organizations and supportive individuals to amplify and add weight to the launch, by signing on, either as individuals, or organizations/communities.

Naturally, once the GCA is formally launched in 2016, there will be additional action targeting wider supporter audiences, but that will come later.

Dozens of organizations and communities have already signed up, but we need to grow this.

Help us promote the Global Call to Action in the pre-launch period through your partners and networks, by taking the following actions:

Sign Up to the Global Call to Action at the GCA website http://landrightsnow.org.

Or, send your organization’s full name, country and email address to: [email protected] before December 10, 2015 to signify your endorsement to this Global Call to Action and to receive updates.

Reach out to your social network online!

1 Suggested Tweet 1: I stand for #LandRightsNow! Sign up and support the Global Call for Action on Indigenous and Community #landrightshttp://tinyurl.com/qaaxpms
2 Suggested Tweet 2: Do you support #LandRightsNow? Join us & support the Global Call for Action on Indigenous and Community #landrights http://tinyurl.com/qaaxpms
3 Suggested Tweet 3: Post a picture of yourself holding the hashtag #landrightsnow on social media.

For more information on how to get involved, click here to download a Mobilization Guide.

Further questions?
In the one-pager, there’s a quick summary explaining the scope of work envisaged. The mobilization guide also elaborates in more detail on the Global Call to Action.The Policy Asks further clarifies our goals and demands.Further information can be found on the online platform supporting the Global Call to Action: http://landrightsnow.org

If you have queries about the GCA, please write to [email protected]

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