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Side Event: Elaborating Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in Sustainable Development: Discussing FPIC in Asia Beyond Development Aggression

FPIC is often raised and discussed within the context of development aggression (i.e. road expansion, mining, dams, etc.) but rarely on other government initiatives that directly addresses health, education, or livelihood schemes in poverty alleviation.  Indigenous traditional healing practices and knowledge are often labeled as backwards and discouraged in support of mainstream medicine.  Also, education system and general poverty alleviation schemes do not consider the cultural specificities of indigenous peoples, e.g. language and way of living (i.e. nomadic, etc.), from the majority population.  More often than not, these government initiatives or particular social development programmes are designed without FPIC thereby missing the specific situation of indigenous peoples.  These can result, among others, from failure of these government initiatives to be effective for indigenous communities, and in case of traditional healing practices, criminalisation of indigenous peoples.

Not disregarding a discussion of FPIC within the context of development aggression, this proposed side-event aims to particularly highlight FPIC in sustainable development that particularly pertains to the social development programmes of government.  It will review these government programmes and identify any FPIC process conducted.  It also aims to identify any good practices of FPIC within this context and put forward recommendations to improve social development programmes and ensure that these programmes will be effective for indigenous communities.

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