SHED NO MORE BLOOD: North East India Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Challenges

Indigenous peoples in Northeast India are confronted with extra constitutional regulations like the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (1958), special legal concessions for extractive industries to exploit natural resources, which are increasingly threatening indigenous communities, their lives and livelihoods, their social cohesion and community, and ultimately their identity.

Such legal mechanisms and proposed plans range from land redistributive reforms in Manipur, the establishment of the Special Development Zone in Nagaland, increasing cases of resource conflicts between indigenous people and immigrants in Assam, the condoned encroachment into indigenous peoples’ lands and resources by settler communities in Tripura, to the grand development schemes in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and almost all the Seven Sister states. All these are already impacting and will definitely impact indigenous communities on their personal lives and properties, land, and food security.

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