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Sharing Seeds is Integral to Shan Tradition & Preservation

Taw-pae is a traditional Shan village in Mae Hong Son Province in the north of Thailand, located 5 kilometers from the district and, thus, it enjoys some prosperity with regard to basic infrastructure, and public systems, including economic, environmental, etc. which provide an improved quality of life. The people enjoy access to basic occupations, education, and health services – all of this in the name of “development” which came together with changes, especially concerning their traditional way of life.

This video (4 mins 25 seconds long) presents how Shan Indigenous community has embraced that development just like other communities, but with caution and willful preservation of their identity, culture, and traditional body of knowledge on seeds, food, and language to the extent possible. The most important process here was the preservation and transmission through their own lifestyle. The outcome has been the successful maintenance of the language, traditional dress, and local wisdom of Shan Indigenous Community– which will not disappear.