Resource database of Indigenous peoples’ network and professional experts

Dear AIPP members,

Warm greeting from AIPP!

The Regional Capacity Building (RCB) desk of the Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Pact (AIPP) is in the process of developing a Resource database of Indigenous peoples’ network and professional experts within AIPP’s network for Asia. This initiative is taken to avail indigenous peoples’ organizations in Asia with a pool of Indigenous Experts and Resource Persons for training and education on various issues effecting Indigenous Peoples. The database will be periodically updated and shared with Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations and other non-governmental organizations working on indigenous peoples’ issues in Asia.
In this connection, we would initially like to explore and tap the resources of our members’ and networks’ organizations in an attempt to facilitate a comprehensive inter-peoples empowerment and capacity development for the indigenous peoples and by the indigenous peoples in Asia.

The database will be developed in two-tiers:
–    the organization’s competency and,
–    individual expertise
In this endeavor, we look forward to your contributions in the spirit of building cooperation and solidarity and in strengthening the indigenous peoples’ movement in Asia.

Please fill out the attached template with the necessary information requested and return to us. We would appreciate if you fill out the forms and email it back to us by 15 September, 2009.

Further, kindly do also send us your consent to be added to the database, and shared with others.
Should you have any query, please contact me at

Thank you and best regards,

Atina Gangmai
Coordinator, AIPP Regional Capacity Building
CC:  Ms. Joan Carling, AIPP Secretary General.

Data Base Entry Format

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