Practical Guide for Media Practitioners on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues in Asia

Two thirds of the world’s 370 million indigenous population are in Asia and they represent a significant proportion of the poorest and most vulnerable groups in the region. Their vulnerability arises from a situation where they are often marginalized in economic development programs and are excluded from political participation in their respective countries in the region.

A contributory factor that also keeps indigenous peoples in the vicious cycles of social and political exclusion and marginalization is the lack of information and inadequate communication channels for them to voice out their perspectives and influence public opinions.There is also the lack of knowledge for the mainstream media to effectively and sensitively report on indigenous peoples’ issues. Greater efforts are thus needed to improve the indigenous peoples’ access to information and communication channels and to enhance the awareness of the mainstream media on the important roles of indigenous peoples in sustainable and equitable development and the collective nature of indigenous peoples’ rights and cultures.

With this, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) produced the “Practical guide for media practitioners on indigenous peoples’ issues in Asia” with the objective to raise the awareness of media practitioners on indigenous peoples’ rights and issues and to encourage media practitioners to report more on indigenous peoples’ concerns. This guide will provide basic knowledge, guideline and tips that are useful for effective and respectful coverage of indigenous peoples’ rights and issues in Asia.

Click here to download the practical guide in English

Click here to download the practical guide in Philippines

Click here to download the practical guide in Nepalese

Click here to download the practical guide in Bengali

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