Human Rights Campaign Policy and Advocacy Programme

The Human Rights Campaign and Policy Advocacy Programme (HRCPA) aims to increase capacities of indigenous organizations and indigenous human rights defenders in documentation and advocacy at the national, regional and international levels to promote, protect and defend their individual and collective rights.

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights CAMBODIA

December 2006    Report commissioned by:    Asian Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation  6 Soi 14, Sookasem Road  Tambon Patan, Amphur Muang  Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand  Email:  

Bangladesh Report on IPs and PAs

International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity Indigenous Peoples Conservation Committee  Author: Goutam Kumar Chakma Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS} Submitted to: Open Ended Ad-Hoc Working Group on Protected Areas United Nations CONVENTION ON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY 

Strategy Workshop on ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism

Indigenous Peoples engagement to the Association of the South East Asia Nations (ASEAN)  by Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) The ASEAN Indigenous Peoples Strategy Workshop was held on 29-30 October 2008 in Bangkok. In order to engaged more effectively and in an organize fashion, it is deemed to formulate strategies and activities for awareness raising, networking, lobby and advocacy work in the ASEAN states in relation to promotion indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights.   Therefore a strategy workshop is necessary to be involved on the ASEAN human rights mechanism processes as beginning, to draw up a clear position and program ...

Report of Asia Indigenous Peoples of Regional Preparatory Meeting for UNPFII

Introduction   The regional preparatory meeting for UNPFII by Asia Indigenous Peoples has been yearly organized since 2003 (to be checked) in order to come up with the regional positions on the coming session of the UNPFII. For the 6th session of UNPFII, the preparatory meeting was held in Kompong Cham, Cambodia from 17-28, February, 2007 and a total of 54 (to be checked) from 14 (TBC) countries from Asia participated. The meeting was supported by IWGIA and European Commission through AIPP, and held back to back with consultation between Asia Indigenous Peoples’ representatives and Special Rapportuer on situation of fundamental ...

Report on the Human Rights of Ethnic Highland Minorities Thailand 2006

By: Hmong Association for Development in Thailand (MDT), Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association (IMPECT), The Pga K’Nyaw Association for Social and Environmental Development (PASED), Rural Care Foundation, AKHA Foundation, Upland Holistic Development Project (UHDP) Supported by: European Commission (EU) Project, Asia Indigenous People Pact (AIPP) Foundation 

Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights Report

Submitted to: AIPP Thailand Prepared by: NGO-FONIN October 2006 Introduction: This report on Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights aims to assess human rights situation of Indigenous Peoples in Nepal. The basic objective of this is to gather and collate information on the state of the indigenous peoples focussing on their human rights freedom in order to publish a comprehensive report. This has been prepared by NGO-FONIN with financial support and guidelines of AIPP. The report includes objective, methodology, scope/limitation and information analysis and recommendation. The report is based on the secondary and primary information, gathered by visiting and interacting with ...