Nepal: Free, Prior, And Informed Consent Protocol

An Indigenous expert, the FPIC & Rights Forum, NEFIN-Lamjung, and LAHURNIP jointly carried out field work in Dhamil Kuwa and Archalbot in Lamjung among non-Indigenous communities, and in Ghermu in Lamjung and Taal in Manang among Indigenous Peoples from 24 to 29 April 2019. Accountability Counsel, as requested by LAHURNIP, researched and shared FPIC protocols, and other related resources, from other projects and jurisdictions, to support the development of the Lamjung and Manang communities’ FPIC protocol. Before carrying out consultation with Indigenous Peoples and other communities, representatives of LAHURNIP, the FPIC & Rights Forum, NEFIN-Lamjung, and the Indigenous expert held a whole day meeting in Kathmandu about consultation meetings in Lamjung and Manang. Later, the same were carried out with Indigenous Peoples in Khudi and Ghermu in Lamjung and Dharapani in Manang, and with non-Indigenous communities at Dhamil Kuwa, Archalbot, and with mixed communities of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples at Banjhakhet, with participation of affected people from nearby Sundarbazar, in Lamjung from 24 to 31 May 2019. Although, Indigenous Peoples from Khasur had participated in a community meeting held at Banjhakhet, a separate meeting was held with community members at Khasur. Representatives of LAHURNIP, the FPIC & Rights Forum and the Indigenous expert discussed and finalized this report with feedback and support from Accountability Counsel.

Click to download full protocol [ English ].

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