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Ms. Chang: Message from an Indigenous Woman Human Rights Defender from Taiwan

Ms. Echo L.P. Chang is Papora indigenous woman from the Central Region in Taiwan, nearly seventy years old. She is one of the most important human rights defenders fights for the Ping-pu indigenous peoples (Ping-pu indigenous peoples are not recognized by under the laws in Taiwan, nearly 11 ethnic groups.) She spends her life fighting for human rights of Ping-pu indigenous peoples. She appeals loudly that Taiwan Government must recognize the rights of the Ping-pu indigenous peoples and boost its efforts to address violations of their human rights, rights to education, in particular their collective land rights and cultural rights. And she calls all the indigenous groups to make a variety of protests and writing various articles, videos spread in the mainstream media. 

She also takes care of the elders, children, women by setting up the long-term medical care system in the community. What’s more, she is also an important leader of Papora people, a cultural heir, and a sustainable environmental promoter. She has formulated many rules and strategies of climate change adaptation plans with the traditional indigenous wisdom.