Leave no one behind – SDGs and Indigenous Peoples

This animation video, titled “Leave No One Behind – SDGs and Indigenous Peoples”, aims to introduce what is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for indigenous peoples. In the video, you will also find some of the demands of indigenous peoples across the world to make the 2030 Agenda slogan “Leave No One Behind” a reality and what IPs can contribute to ensure that the Goals are achieved without indigenous peoples being left behind. The video is produced by AIPP in partnership with the Digital Mixes and was launched during AIPP 7th General Assembly in September 2016.

Watch here the Bengali translation of the animation video.

Watch here the animation video with Mandarin Chinese subtitles.

Watch here the Bahasa Malaysia translation of the animations video.

Watch here the Mizo translation of the animation video. 

Watch here the Tatum translation of the animation video.

Watch here the Nepali translation of the animation video.

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