Khadga Magar: Message from an Indigenous Person with Disability from Nepal

My name is Khadga Bahadur Magar. I am from Ramechhap district and I am the President of Nepal Indigenous Disabled Association (NIDA).
The major issues of persons with disabilities includes their meaningful participation and decisive roles in the decision-making processes in relevant areas. The participation and representation of persons with disability in decision making processes is necessary to ensure their rights.

Nepal is multi-lingual, multi-religion, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural country and has diverse geographical locations. There is diversity within persons with disability in this diverse country. This diversity means indigenous persons with disabilities. Their meaningful participation should be ensured in relevant state mechanism as well as in their home, family and society. If the meaningful participation of indigenous persons with disabilities is not ensured, the targets of sustainable development goals can’t be fulfilled  And the all the issues of disabilities should be accepted as human rights issues. This will help achieve the targets of sustainable development goals.

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