Joshua: Message from an Indigenous Person with Disability from Myanmar

My name is Joshua, a post-polio person with disabilities. I belong Chin tribe and I am presently living in Kale district of Hakhalay Village (Myanmar) and Chin State is where the second highest rate of Persons with disabilities are seen among all the States in Myanmar. I want to address the discrimination of the indigenous persons with disabilities in Myanmar. Indigenous Peoples of Chin community are facing lots of problem. The development projects that are implementing in Chin State are not considering for persons with disabilities and they are always marginalized. Many of indigenous lose their rights and land. There is no accessibility in public offices, transportation and school. Therefore, the rate of educated persons with disabilities is very low. The employment is almost none. As a result, indigenous persons with disabilities are poor and face challenges in family and society. So, what I am doing is to bring awareness to respect the rights of indigenous persons with disabilities in community and government offices. I think that the State government and central government have to respect the rights of indigenous peoples and consider issues of persons with disabilities in implementation of development projects.

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