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Indigenous Peoples Voices on Biodiversity: Ms. Kinja Tauli, Philippines

Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines Unite to Defend Their Rights in PBSAP

Kinja Tauli from Partners for Indigenous Knowledge Philippines (PIKP) shares the remarkable efforts led by PIKP in collaboration with various organizations across the Philippines on the Philippines Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (PBSAP). The discussions initiated by PIKP with other organizations have resulted in the formation of a network dedicated to amplifying the voices and rights of Indigenous Peoples.

This network enables:

  • Collective discussions among Indigenous communities
  • Identification of critical issues affecting their lands and cultures
  • Formulation of key recommendations by Indigenous Peoples on PBSAP

Watch this video to dive deep into the major recommendations made by Indigenous Peoples during the recent PBSAP roundtable discussion.

Let’s pave the way for Indigenous Peoples to be at the forefront of decision-making in all climate and biodiversity actions at every level!

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