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Indigenous Peoples Voices on Biodiversity: Mrs. Anne Lasimbang, Malaysia

 PACOS Trust Honors Sabah Indigenous Peoples for Their Leadership in Biodiversity Conservation 

As the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) and Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples of Asia (IKPA) continue to celebrate the International Day for Biodiversity, we are proud to share a powerful message from Anne Lasimbang, the Executive Director of PACOS Trust, Sabah, Malaysia. In her video, Mrs. Anne honors the vital contributions of Sabah Indigenous Peoples to biodiversity conservation and the health of our planet. 

“The way we are connected to the Earth, the way we practice our farming, and the way we look after biodiversity, is very much related to our life and our survival and has contributed to the biodiversity conservation of Sabah,” says Mrs. Anne. 

PACOS Trust is a community-based organization that has been supporting Indigenous Communities in Sabah, Malaysia since 1987. Their three main goals are:

  •  Ensure that indigenous communities have legal title to their customary land (NCR) and the right to use resources in other traditional areas.
  •  Strengthen indigenous knowledge systems in the management of natural resources.
  •  Strengthen positive values, culture, language, and belief systems of indigenous peoples.

Join us in celebrating the efforts of PACOS Trust!  Visit to learn more about their incredible work.

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