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Indigenous Peoples’ Voices on Biodiversity: Mr. Shaq Koyok – Malaysia

In a video message commemorating the International Day for Biodiversity, Mr. Shaq Koyok elaborates that indigenous lands have been encroached upon and expropriated by authorities many times for the sake of development and profit.

Additionally, he highlights that his village’s customary land was recently targeted for a mixed-development project proposed by the government, but they successfully halted it and safeguarded the peatland forest from destruction.

Mr. Shaq underlines the significance of the peatland forest and customary land in Temuan culture, as they are integral to its survival. He emphasizes the need for government agencies and all relevant actors to involve Indigenous Peoples in decision-making processes, particularly concerning land matters within their communities and territories.

Shaq Koyok, an artist hailing from the Selangor state in Malaysia, belongs to the Malaysian Indigenous Temuan community. By combining his passion for art and activism, Shaq sees his artwork as a means to promote Orang Asli culture and raise awareness about the challenges faced by various Indigenous communities in Malaysia.

You can access the article we published last year, which centers on Shaq Koyok’s art and activism. It is available for reading at…/index.html