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Indigenous Peoples Voices on Biodiversity: Mr. Jimmy Khayog, Philippines

 CorDis RDS Asserts the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the PBSAP! 

Cordillera Disaster Response and Development Services (CorDis RDS), a proud partner of AIPP in the Philippines, has spent decades championing emergency response and disaster risk reduction across the Cordillera region.

Mr. Jimmy Khayog, the Executive Director of CorDis RDS, emphasizes their commitment to sustainable agriculture, training, and documenting traditional rice varieties. They also produce IEC materials on environmental protection led by Indigenous Peoples.

The remaining pristine forests in the Philippines are predominantly in the territories of Indigenous Peoples. Their participation and contribution to the revision of the Philippines Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (PBSAP) is crucial. Ensuring the rights of Indigenous Peoples to their land, territories, and resources is not just important but essential in implementing the #PBSAP.

 The CorDis RDS team closes their video with a powerful advocacy song, emphasizing these key messages:

 Let’s stand with Indigenous Peoples and ensure their voices are at the heart of biodiversity strategy! 

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