ICOLT External Evaluation

External Evaluation of the

Indigenous Community Organizers and Leaders Training (ICOLT) Phase 1 project

(A Regional Inter-Peoples Empowerment and Capacity Building Program

among Indigenous Peoples in Asia)




The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) Regional Capacity Building Programme will conduct an external field evaluation for the project on Indigenous Community Organizers and Leaders Training (ICOLT) project that was implemented among six indigenous peoples organizations in five countries between 2007- 2009. 

AIPP will hire two independent experts to conduct this external evaluation of the Indigenous Community Organizers and Leaders training (ICOLT) Phase 1 project The Evaluators will be responsible for the areas and project component as detailed below:



Project Component

Organization and Countries

Dr. Colin Nicholas

Evaluation of Community Organizers training (COT)

               1. PACOS, Sabah

  1. SPNS, Pen. Malaysia
  2. AMATORAYA, Toraja, Indonesia

Jo Villanueva

Evaluation Leadership Training (LT)

  1. CPA/KALUMARAN, Philippines
  2. BIRSA, India
  3. IMPECT, Thailand


 Overall Objectives


· To evaluate all the activities conducted by the ICOLT from the beginning of the project i.e. August 2007 up to December 2009.

· To assess the achievement of the project based on the indicators contained in the project document.

· To draw the experiences, insights, impacts and lessons learned during the project implementation, including challenges and how they were addressed or not addressed.

· To make constructive recommendations for improvement for subsequent follow up project phases.



Specific Objectives

Community Organisers training:

· To asses the level of human resource development on the participants/


· To asses the immediate and long term impact on the communities and participants that received the trainings;

· To assess the sustainability of the Community Organizers Training program and challenges relating to sustainability.


Leadership Training:

· To assess the level of individual capacity development of the participants/


· To asses the level of human resource development within the organizations and community involved

· To asses the overall impact of the training program on the communities, the organizations and their leaders.

· To assess the sustainability of the Leadership Training program and challenges relating to sustainability.





The evaluation will be carried out by two independent experts who are appointed by AIPP. The evaluators will be provided with project documents for their background and reference materials. A project staff or a member of the project core committee will accompany the evaluators to the project areas. The local organization will also assign a representative to join in the evaluation process. The evaluators are expected to conduct a participatory evaluation. This means that the evaluators are expected to work closely with the implementing project staff, local trainers, and trainees and, where appropriate, the villagers in the project area.


Time Period


The evaluation shall take place as per the schedule below:


1-5 Field Evaluation of the COT in Toraja, and LT in Philippines 

8-9 Regional Coordination and LT in Thailand

6-10  Evaluation of the COT in Pen Malaysia

11-13 COT in Sabah and LT in India

15-17  Compilation of draft report

18  Pre discussion of the two evaluators and consolidation of the Evaluation report.

19 Report back meeting with the core project Committee in Chiangmai

20-25 Feedback from all partners involved

25-28  Finalization of report




Regional Capacity Building Programme

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)

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