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Human rights groups condemn violence against peaceful protestors in Myanmar

2 MARCH 2021 | International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) and Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) strongly condemns the violence used by security forces in Myanmar against peaceful protestors. The 28th of February proved to be the bloodiest day since the start of the protest against the military coup that took place one month ago. At least 18 people are reported to have been killed and dozens more injured by the country’s security forces. Media reports that on many occasions, security forces used live rounds against unarmed peaceful protesters.

While the world’s attention is mostly focusing on the events unfolding in Yangon, there are also reports of large-scale violence and arrests taking place outside major cities, including in areas inhabited by Indigenous Peoples.

As one of our Indigenous partners put it:

There is no way back for us. The more they oppress us, the more united we are in our struggle for the truly democratic, federal Myanmar where its diverse peoples live in peace. The total number of confirmed deaths since the start of the protests now stands at 24. It is also estimated that over 1,300 political and human rights activists and protest leaders have been arrested by authorities since the coup.

IWGIA and AIPP are appalled by the brutality and level of violence used by security forces against peaceful protesters and call on the State Administration Council to immediately cease the use force against civilians
exercising their democratic rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.
IWGIA and AIPP reiterate our call for the immediate restoration of civil rule in Myanmar, and release of political leaders and human rights activists arrested since the start of the coup.
We call on the international community to extend its broad support and use of financial, logistical and diplomatic resources towards the brave civil society activists, who continue their struggle for the restoration of civil rule in their country, despite the brutality they are facing.
IWGIA and AIPP will continue to closely monitor the situation and support our indigenous brothers and sisters in Myanmar in their peaceful demonstrations and struggles for their rights and restoration of civil rule.
We call the world to join us in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

For press inquiries please contact: Nikita Bulanin – E: C: +45 5373 2840 // Shree Kumar Maharjan – E:
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