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Global Report Launch: Leave No Woman Behind

This global report on Leave No Women Behind (LNWB) has been prepared as part of GCAP’s Faces of Inequality Campaign. It has highlighted the intersectionality of gender-identity of the indigenous communities, women from DWD communities, women with disability and the similar during and post- pandemic period. The study consists of four papers. First is the global overview describing multiple discrimination and exclusion women from various marginalised groups faced during the pandemic. The second paper deals in detail the inequalities, indignity and violence the women from DWD communities across the world faced. The third paper details out the problems of women with disabilities in Africa. And the fourth paper delves into the condition of women from the indigenous communities from Asia who were not only wrenched in poverty but also various kinds of human rights violations including violence by the state. The focus of study is: social protection floors of the government – accessibility and realization, and violence against women by the state and non-state actors during the pandemic. The study give sets of recommendations for “building forward better”.

The report is structured into 4 main parts, preceded by the Executive Summary (page 6) and the Director´s Message (page 4). We prepared a brief overview below showing all cover pages of the main sections of the report.

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