FLASH UPDATE 4: COVID-19, A Special Volume on Indigenous Women and Indigenous Persons with Disabilities

“The UN pointed out exacerbated maternal mortality and morbidity, increased rates of adolescent pregnancies, HIV, and sexually transmitted diseases for women during COVID-19. It is nonetheless difficult to find disaggregated data on Indigenous Women and Indigenous persons with disabilities.”
-United Nations 2020. Policy Brief on ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on Women

This volume focuses on the struggle of Indigenous Women and Indigenous Persons with Disability where the key issues were the heightened gender-based discrimination they faced during the lockdown and the ongoing pandemic. Indigenous Women’s health and access to it, their socio-economic rights, and the post-pandemic recovery will hopefully lead to an expansion of rights and recognition of their labour in local communities and other spaces where their work has led to early containment and the ongoing struggle to get recognition of rights and greater participation in decision making and public affairs so that we are more resilient in the face of such future crises.

You can download the full report here.