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Erlina Darakay: Message from an Indigenous Woman Human Rights Defender from Indonesia

Our customary forest, Djamona Raa forest, has been destroyed again under the name of HPH (Forest Concession Rights). We urge the police to give us justice and arrest the illegal loggers. Because we, Rebi indigenous community, never give our consent for the outsiders to enter our Djamona Raa customary forest. Because from the time of our ancestors until today we have been maintaining and preserving our Djamona Raa forest.
So our children and their future generations can inherit (Djamona Raa forest) and see the Vanan or birds of paradise, Jonga or deer, Alke or parrot king birds, Pelanduk (mouse deer) and so on and so forth.

We therefore urge all of us together to save Djamona Raa customary forest in Nata (indigenous community) Rebi, Aru islands district, Maluku Province, Indonesia.