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EMRIP9: Agenda 10 – Proposals to be submitted to the Human Rights Council for itsconsideration and approval

9th Session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
11 – 15 July 2016

Statement by Asia Indigenous Peoples Caucus
Presented by: Rukka Sombolinggi

Thank you Chair,

On behalf of Asia Caucus, I would like to present the statement on Proposals to be submitted to the Human Rights Council for its consideration and approval

In the past years indigenous peoples leaders, activists including women and young people have confronted with all kinds of human rights violations. Killings, criminalization, intimidation, rape, torture, and forced disappearance etc continue to colour the narrative of indigenous peoples across the Asian Region. Suddenly we have become criminals for defending our ancestral lands from invasion by many forms of development such as plantations, mining and many other land concessions.

1) In Bangladesh: Indigenous human rights defenders in Bangladesh faced killings, abduction, disappearance, torture, detention and threats. Almost no justice has been made. Culture of impunity makes indigenous human rights defenders more vulnerable. Among others, KolpanaChakma, Alfred Soren, CholeshRitchil, GiditaRema, they all were killed.

2) In Thailand, thecase of the missing Bang Kloi village leader and Karen activist, Porlajee “Billy”Rakchongcharoen, who was apprehended and held in custody by the Chief ofKaengKrachan National Park, in Petchaburi, on 17 April 2014. He has not beenseen since. At the time of his “disappearance”, he had been working with Karenvillagers and activists on legal proceedings concerning the alleged burning ofvillagers’ homes and property in the National Park in 2010 and 2011.

3) In Indonesia: At the moment, there are at least 260 indigenous leaders and activists with a criminal convictions, 5 of them still languishing in prisons.

4) In the Philippines, around 58 indigenous peoples were killed from 2010 to 2015

5) In Malaysia: One recent case in Malaysia is Jannie Lasimbang’s. Jannie, a former chair of EMRIP, is currently facing a legal harassment case from leading a peaceful gathering for good governance and democracy.

In the middle of worsening indigenous peoples’ human rights situation, the international community including donors and other development agencies decrease their support to human rights related works. We urge donors and development agencies to strengthen their support on works related to protections of human rights of indigenous peoples



  1. We would like to propose the UN EMRIP to conduct study on the Situations of Indigenous Human Rights Defenders
  2. We also would like to request the EMRIP to consider a Study on the Situation of Indigenous Peoples and the Right to Food

Thank you.


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