EMRIP8: Agenda Item 9 – Proposal to be submitted to the Human Rights Council for its consideration and approval

Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
8th Session, 20 July – 24 July 2015
United Nations Headquarter, Geneva, Switzerland
Delivered by: Patricia Miranda Wattimena

Agenda Item 9: Proposal to be submitted to the Human Rights Council for its consideration and approval

Thank you Mr. Chairperson,

Despite the progress at the national and local levels, challenges remain and new obstacles emerge in the struggle of indigenous peoples to protect their rights as defined by the international human rights instruments, in particular the UNDRIP. It must be stressed upon that the absence of the recognition of our rights as indigenous peoples has significant impacts to our survival in the country. The massive land grabbing and criminalization under the name of development currently threaten our existence.

Recently, there are 176 indigenous leaders and members, husbands, backbones of families, warriors, who were arbitrarily arrested and detained by the police under the accusation of entering and collecting forest products in the areas that are claimed as State forests or concession areas. In number of land grabbing cases, military forces are also involved to intimidate the indigenous peoples to giving up their land. During our meeting with the President of Indonesia last month, he acknowledge that there are currently 853 cases of conflicts in one of the provinces in Kalimantan Island, directly affecting indigenous peoples rights, particularly the right to land, territory, and resources.

Therefore, AMAN would like to urge the government of Indonesia to comprehensively recognize indigenous peoples rights as enshrined in the UNDRIP, in particular the right to land, territory, and resources. Immediate enactment of the Draft Act on Recognition and Protection on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be a significant step in this regard.

Given the concerning fact, we would also like to propose to the Human Rights Council to consider “militarization and development” to be the theme of the next year study of EMRIP. I am very much honored to deliver this statement on behalf of AMAN members, our indigenous brothers and sisters in Indonesia.

I thank you!

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