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EMRIP8: Agenda Item 3 – Follow up to the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples including the review of the mandate of the Expert Mechanism

Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
8th Session, 20 July – 24 July 2015
United Nations Headquarter, Geneva, Switzerland
Delivered by: Patricia Miranda Wattimena

Agenda Item 3: Follow up to the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples including the review of the mandate of the Expert Mechanism

Mr./Madam Chair, distinguished participants, indigenous sisters and brothers,

Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (AMAN) welcomes the outcome of the World Conference that took place in September 2014. We commend the commitments of Indonesia, as well as other UN member states that through the adoption of the Outcome Document, have agreed that the Declaration is not merely an aspirational document and that it is required with implementation measures.

However, in order for the WCIP as well as its outcome document to be truly meaningful for all the indigenous peoples in Indonesia, the State and other stakeholders, Government shall effectively implementing its commitments in light with the Outcome Document, from local, national to international level. A national action plan in this regard is critical in making the Declaration a reality for all indigenous peoples in Indonesia.

On behalf of AMAN members, 2349 indigenous communities that spread across Indonesia, with the total estimation of 15 million indigenous individuals, I would like to express full support to the step taken by Joko Widodo, the President of Indonesia in establishing the Task Force on Indigenous Peoples. The establishment is currently in process and planned to be formally announced by the President during the coming celebration of the International Indigenous Peoples Day this year.

We strongly believe that the establishment of the Task Force on Indigenous Peoples with adequate resource and mandate would help both indigenous peoples on the ground as well as State and private actors to effectively protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples in a comprehensive manner and to realize a society where all the peoples are peacefully living together.

Moreover, we support the commitment of our President to work hand in hand with the indigenous peoples in the country for the purpose of full and comprehensive recognition, protection and promotion on the rights of indigenous peoples according to the UNDRIP.

With regard to the review of the mandate of the Expert Mechanism, AMAN has been working closely with other indigenous peoples to promote an effective follow-up at the United Nations. AMAN is in the view that the Human Rights Council should, as soon as possible, formally initiates the process of reviewing the mandate of EMRIP as called for in OP 28 of the Outcome Document. The respective process should be taken with the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples.

I thank you.