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Education Manual on Indigenous Elders and Engagement with Government

This Education Manual on Indigenous Elders and Engagement with Government is meant for indigenous elders, leaders, organizers, and indigenous peoples’ representatives in government, who desire to be of service to the interest of indigenous peoples. The manual aims to build and strengthen the capacity of indigenous elders in Asia to lead their communities during contemporary times, wherein indigenous peoples face serious threats to their survival in the form of development aggression, marginalization and violation of their rights to land, territories, resources and self-determination.

The manual highlights the important role of indigenous elders in traditional leadership and in sustaining our indigenous socio-political institutions, values and systems. At the same time it promotes the leading role of indigenous elders in asserting indigenous peoples’ rights against oppression and marginalization, as our communities are undergoing momentous changes. It aims to equip indigenous elders and leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to advance Indigenous peoples’ rights during the changing times. It also aim to arm indigenous peoples with the capacity to effectively engage in local and national government structures and process, as well as in other political are ans of struggle of the indigenous peoples’ moment.

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