In partnership with Voice Global, AIPP is implementing a project titled “Enabling Indigenous Peoples, particularly women, of Asia to engage in sustainable development process with rights-based approach” in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines to assert their rights in sustainable development process with their effective participation in related national and international mechanisms.

The main purpose of this final evaluation is to assess the extent to which the project objectives have been achieved and to assess the results of the project. The focus will also be on assessing the emerging impact of the interventions (either positive or negative) and, if applicable, the sustainability of the project strategy. It will also look at strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and any external factors that have affected the outcomes and the delivery of the outputs as defined in the project proposal / document. It will also identify lessons learnt, failures, and practices to share and inform possible similar interventions in the future.
The evaluation is also expected to make detailed recommendations for major stakeholder groups. Recommendations and lessons learnt from the evaluation will enable the communities and rightsholders concerned to take better ownership of the project results, which may have a positive impact on other future interventions.

Please refer to the document below for the full Terms of Reference