Communication Development Programme

The  Communication Development (CD) Programme aims to empower indigenous peoples in Asia to have greater knowledge of their rights and related issues and advocate for their rights, interest and welfare through various media. The programme focus on strengthening the media skills and capacity of indigenous media practitioners, rights activists and community members; building and strengthening Media Network for indigenous peoples; sharing indigenous peoples related information through various media platforms; and production of educational multi-media materials on indigenous peoples’ rights and issues for indigenous communities.

IVAN’s 2019 Regional Gathering: Country sharing on voicing indigenous rights

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) conducted the Indigenous Voices in Asia – Network (IVAN)’s 2019 Regional Gathering in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 26-28 February 2019. The theme for this year’s gathering is “Promoting indigenous peoples’ right to media and freedom of expression in Asia for a future of peace, justice and equality. Participants of IVAN’s 2019 Regional Gathering It was attended by representatives from ten Asian countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan/China, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam. IVAN was established in July 2013 as a platform for promoting solidarity and cooperation among indigenous journalists, non-indigenous journalists and ...

Escalating Indigenous Voices, Together: Indigenous Voices in Asia Network

Indigenous Voices in Asia Network (IVAN)[1] organized its 3rd gathering in Chiang Mai from 4 – 7 November, 2015. This year, representatives from various fields converged at the Indigenous Voices in Asia Media Showcasing Fair 2015 to discuss emerging issues in relation to media, human rights, gender and development with the purpose of moving forward the rights of indigenous peoples in solidarity with media professionals, rights activists and academics. The fair, organized by IVAN, a program under the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (APP), gathered over 60 participants from across Asia. While many we are dedicated indigenous positivists, particularly those who are working ...

Indigenous Voices in Asia Media Showcasing Fair 2015

The indigenous peoples who are largely concentrated (70%) in Asia region of more than 200 million continue to experience social injustice and discrimination. Their identities and collective rights continue to be denied by states particularly their rights to their lands, territories and resources, cultural heritage and self-determined development. At the same time, indigenous peoples continuing contributions to nature conservation, food security, cultural diversity, conflict resolution among others are not being recognized including the roles and contributions of indigenous women. Due to the historical marginalization and discrimination in all its forms, indigenous peoples have very limited representation and participation in democratic ...

Thailand Commemorates International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

In commemoration of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples last August 9, the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) observed the day in collaboration with the Network of Indigenous Peoples of Thailand (NIPT) at the Chulalongkorn University campus, Bangkok, Thailand. This year, the event marked nine years of the signing of United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).