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Climate Justice for Indigenous Women: Urgency and Way Forward

This policy brief is the outcome of the researches on ‘Climate and Gender Justice for Indigenous Women’ conducted in four countries namely Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (Mishkin 2019; Sen 2019; SODA 2019; Van 2019; Zin 2019) and Climate Smart Women Connect (CSWC) conference held in Bangkok from 2-4 December 2019. The commissioned researches brought understanding on the climate change impacts specifically on Indigenous Women, their roles in climate adaptation and mitigation, knowledge-sharing system, and participation in policy processes, and common messages declared by CSWC representatives from Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations, networks and CSOs.

Intersectionality and climate change cumulatively escalate Indigenous Women’s vulnerability. Demystification of intersectionality of Indigenous Women should be the starting point for integrating reform at all levels.

Click here to download full policy brief.


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