Joint Statement of Forest People’s Movements

Halt the Offensive Against People and End Militarisation of the Forests Joint Statement of Forest People's Movements Today, the police have killed one person in Kalinganagar and critically injured at least thirty more; at the proposed POSCO plant site in Jagatsinghpur, Orissa, 25 platoons of police have been deployed to crush the people defending their land. They expect an attack tomorrow or the day after. As national platforms of democratic forest movements, with more than 200 organisational members spread across the country, we unequivocally condemn this brutality. But such atrocities are not occurring in isolation. Operation Green Hunt and the ...

AIPP Statement on Forest

UNPFii 9th Session UN Headquarters, New York Agenda Item 7: Indigenous Peoples and Forests STATEMENT BY THE ASIA INDIGENOUS PEOPLES PACT Presented by Joan Carling, Secretary General- AIPP     The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) is a federation of 28 active indigenous peoples organizations in 13 countries in Asia. Since 1991, AIPP has been active in promoting the rights and welfare of indigenous peoples through capacity building, advocacy, networking and solidarity building from the local to the international levels. This statement is to complement and supplement the statement of the Asia Caucus in this agenda item. In particular, AIPP wish ...

Asia Caucus Statement

9th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 19 – 30 April, 2010   Agenda Item: 4 (b)   Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples   Statement by: ASIA INDIGENOUS PEOPLES CAUCUS   Presented by: Famark Hlawnching     Mr. Chairman, members of the Forum, ladies & gentlemen,   Since the office of the Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples was established, we have had country visits and unofficial visits of the then Special Rapporteur, Professor Rodolfo Stavenhagen, to a number of countries in Asia and in other ...

Asia Indigenous Peoples Caucus Statement

Asia Indigenous Peoples Caucus Statement on Development with Culture and Identity Submitted to the 9th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, April 19-29, 2010, New York Thank you for this opportunity to present to the Permanent Forum the major points reached by the Asia Indigenous Peoples’ caucus on the theme development with culture and identity during its preparatory meeting held last March 1-3, 2010 in Baguio City, Philippines. We will be submitting a complete report of this preparatory meeting as well as the results of a series of conferences on indigenous development in Asia.

Open Letter of Concern

To the Prime Minister and other government officials of Cambodia   OPEN Letter of Concern on the alarming situation of indigenous peoples in Cambodia   We, the undersigned indigenous organizations in 15 countries of Asia and advocate organizations, wish to express our utmost concern over the worsening situation of indigenous peoples of Cambodia. In 2007, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) held an Asia-wide indigenous peoples forum in Cambodia with the aim of getting first-hand knowledge of the situation. At that time we were gravely concerned about the level of abuse of indigenous peoples’ rights. In an environment of low transparency ...

Help to stop evictions and oil palm expansion

Please help to stop evictions and oil palm expansion in Chiapas Indigenous communities in the Lacandon Forest in Chiapas are being violently evicted by federal police and army forces, in support of corporate plans for oil palm expansion and other activities, including tourism falsely called eco-tourism.

Press Statement of AIPP

ETHNOCIDE – CAMBODIA’S INDIGENOUS PEOPLES UNDER ATTACK! The indigenous peoples of Asia are appalled by the persistent attempts for corporate takeover of the lands and resources of the indigenous people in Cambodia. In a country with genocide trials, it would be wise to look at the ethnocide currently happening.   The example of the attempted destruction of the Suy people illustrates the issue well.  

Act Now to Meet The Post-Copenhagen Climate Emergency!

AIPP is urging civil society organizations to read and support this Joint Statement of Civil Society Organization and Social Movements: Act Now to Meet The Post-Copenhagen Climate Emergency! This letter is in response to serious attempts by some state parties to undermine the current international negotiations on climate change under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. In particular, the Copenhagen Accord is undermining multilateralism and the commitments sent so far would not result into limiting the temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius but to a high of 4 degrees. Further, it also derails the resumption of substantive negotiations on ...

Massive communal attack on Jumma villages

Massive communal attack on Jumma villages by military forces and Bengali settlers in Baghaihat area in Rangamati   A. Introduction: On 19-20 February 2010 massive communal attack on Jumma villages was made by military forces and Bengali settlers at Baghaihat area of Sajek union under Baghaichari upazila in Rangamati district. It is reported that at 8 Jumma villagers including a woman were killed and 25 Jumma villagers wounded in this attack. It is learnt that around 200 houses of Jumma villagers including Buddhist temple and church were completely burnt into ashes.

IIPFCC Statement on Shared Vision under AWG LCA

International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC) Copenhagen, 7 December 2009   Statement on Shared Vision under AWG LCA   Delivered by Ms. Joan U Carling, Co-Chairperson- IIPFCC    The International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC) here in Copenhagen, which unites indigenous peoples’ representatives from all over the world, urges the Conference of Parties (COP) and all other bodies under the UNFCCC to abide by their commitments to achieve a legally binding agreement in this meeting to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are destroying our Mother Earth.  We join the urgent call and appeals of peoples ...