Problems and Issues of Garo and Koch Community in so-called Eco-Park Project of B’desh

-Sadia Drong   This case study is based on Bangladesh, mainly involving the Garo and Koch indigenous community. The Government with the help of the donors came up with a plan to destroy the forest diversity of these indigenous peoples area by the name of social forestry and so-called eco-park project which is destructive to their lifestyle. The indigenous peoples were oppressed, harassed, humiliated ever since forest department has been trying to take over their ancestral lands.  

Leadership Training in Malaysia – Report

The report contain on activities undertaken, achievements made and challenges faced.   Activities undertaken Training of Trainers; a total of 22 participants attended the ToT, Participants included were head of the village and peoples organization. The Trainers trained in the ToT went to the community and successfully conducted 3 community trainings in three different villages Penampang: 21-23 Sept 2006, Tongod: 17-19 Oct 2006, Kota Marudu: 22-24 Oct 2006

ICOLT Workshops

Achievements, Lessons Learned • LT – prelim visit/training design, 2 ToTs, 6 LTs (support visit), instructors meeting (Mindanao), and Evaluation • COT – prelim visit/training design, 2 ToTs,  2 COT (2 – 3 support visits) and Evaluation • Lead Trainors need to have sufficient time to contact local partners to understand the local context and thus able to design the training according to the need of the organisation (6 months, invite partners of subsequent phase in RTNW)

Community Organizers Training in Cambodia – Report

The Community Organizers Training was implemented in Ratanakiri province. They didn’t have one central learning place, so they had to move from community to community to conduct the training.   Initially, the training was conducted for 5 days a week, but later on it was only 4 days a week because limited time participants could spare for the training. The following are the achievements, lessons learned and challenges of the project. 

Community Organizers Training in Bangladesh – Report

Achievements 1. Translation and Adaptation of Modules:   • PACOS modules adapted and translated into Bangla.   • Finally following Modules have been included for CO training Module 1: Orientation and Basics of Community Organising   Module 2: Governance System   Module 3: Socio-economy, Gender, Culture and Education   Module 4: Constitutional and Fundamental Rights   Module 5: Natural Resource Management Module 6: People’s Organization